cupcakes · homemade · vegan · vegetarian

When life gives you lemons..

..make cupcakes! Spring is just around the corner which means bright colors and even brighter flavors. Lemon is the perfect bittersweet mix to mark the start of April. This week, we made lemon cupcakes with a lemon buttercream frosting and sprinkles. The buttercream came out extremely light, which complemented the fluffiness of the cupcakes! Following the photoshoot, we found they went extremely well with Homemade Iced Tea – the perfect refreshing snack to enjoy in the sun.

These cupcakes came out completely vegan, as will the subsequent treats that will be shared. In fact, the only almond milk used was in the buttercream frosting – which definitely contributed to how fresh and light they came out. This is the perfect first post for the coming of spring, as well as a “mini” version of what is to come. Keep an eye out for our next creations, you never know what might come next!

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