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Zucchini Treats?!

You read right – this week’s delicious creation is a chocolate zucchini cake! Zucchini baked into cake almost tastes like banana bread – a moist yet light, velvety texture, which is exactly how this came out. The flavor is the perfect balance between sweet and fresh; the sugar isn’t overpowering. The chocolate icing is made with a delicious chocolate ganache. The ganache is made with vegan chocolate and almond milk, and was liquid when poured onto the cake – truly a thing of beauty!

As usual, the whole recipe is vegan, so the egg substitute I used for this recipe was applesauce – which has a nice balance of sweet and sour, to not overpower the other flavors in the cake. We enjoyed a slice of this zucchini cake in the evening, after dinner, with a Cinnamon Orange tea. The orange flavors mixed perfectly with the chocolate, which were the perfect wind-down after a long day.

The recipe is from Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s book “Isa Does It,” check it out for more awesome recipes! Here’s to a good week – and keep that sweet tooth out!IMG_1837.JPG

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