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If you liked it then you should have put a meringue on it

This lemon meringue pie recipe is 100% vegan – even including the meringue. Aquafaba is an awesome egg substitute for this type of baking (for those late to the party, aquafaba is made from the liquid in a jar of beans; chickpeas are favored since they are the most neutral in taste and color, but other types are useable).

We ended up using two recipes and combining them for this pie. The pie crust is a coconut oil pie crust, courtesy of Dana (Minimalist Baker) – make sure to check out some of her awesome recipes at

The pie recipe comes from Vegan Dad – his blog is As the recipe describes, Joanna’s pie filling came out tangy and solid, without being too firm. The meringue was perfect, adding to the light nature of the pie – reminiscent of summer days (and the temperature here has been getting warmer!). It was exciting trying this out and seeing if the pie had set properly when it was cut, which it had! A couple slices later and the family were each setting down for a nap.

What have you been munching on this weekend? Keep a look out for next week’s sneak peek on our Instagram page!

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