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Mother’s Day Cookies

This weekend ends the rollercoaster that was the past week. Joanna decided to make vegan chocolate chip cookies for Mother’s Day. Helping her mom bake as a child was one of Joanna’s favorite activities, and chocolate chip cookies are both one of her earliest memories and favorite recipes.


A word about the ingredients – Joanna purchased all the ingredients from Ouni Luxembourg, which is a cooperative which sells locally and ethically sourced products, as well as plenty of vegan substitutes! The egg replacer we used is from Bob’s Red Mill, which specialize in vegan, gluten free baking supplies – make sure to check them out if you have any needs!

The perfect cookie shape can be hard to achieve for some, so I’ll let you in on a little secret. Rub some vegetable shortening on your hands so the dough doesn’t stick to your fingers, and roll the dough into little balls. They spread perfectly as they bake in the oven, and come out looking amazing!


These little cookies baked amazingly, and the chocolate chips melted perfectly into them – almost turning into a fudge-y texture. They came out of the oven soft and chewy, which is perfect for dunking into a glass of your favorite non-dairy milk! In the picture below we have soy milk.


Here’s wishing all the mom’s out there a Happy Mother’s Day! We hope your Sunday was relaxing and are fresh to take on next week!

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