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Rose Tinted

This week we made a rose basket cake, inspired by @iambaker! The cake is for a double birthday celebration in the upcoming week. The base cake is a decadent chocolate cake, recipe by @chefchloe (Chloe Coscarelli – from her book Chloe’s Vegan Desserts. Making the cake took a lot of time and attention to detail, but we loved every minute of it. Creating the roses was especially arduous because of the heat – Jo had to keep putting them back in the freezer, or they would begin to soften and melt, which made the cake-building feel like a race against the clock! The recipe for the icing was a veganized version by @sweetsavorylife. Not only did we replace the butter with vegan soy-based butter, but half of it was also substituted with plant-based margarine, which helped give the icing more structure: integral when shaping delicate flowers.


Considering the work that went into this, Jo got a lot of practice coloring and shaping icing roses. The icing coloring is by Wilton Gel Icing colors – I love how vibrant these roses came out! Practice makes perfect when it comes to piping so every chance we get to work on it is exciting. Shout-out to @iambaker for her tip on double bagging and not cleaning the piping tip between colors! That’s how we got a few roses with different colored centers, which added depth to the flowers. Always a pleasure to keep learning new tricks.

SubstandardFullSizeRender (1)

The only let down about finishing this cake is not being able to taste it – but boy were we tempted!

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