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Buns, Hon

This week brings another amazing recipe by @minimalistbaker – the world’s easiest cinnamon rolls! The recipe itself is fast, easy, and most importantly DELICIOUS. They are fuss-free, perfect for a relaxing Sunday morning breakfast. The recipe itself only has seven ingredients, so no recipe specific shopping! Being able to make something delicious on a whim gets brownie points from me J


Next time we make these, I’m sure to make a double batch. An added bonus with this recipe is that it is already vegan! No modifications needed from my end, which makes these even easier.  When they came out of the oven, that lovely cinnamon smell filled the kitchen, which made us eager to glaze these beauties and dive in. The perfect Sunday breakfast!

Since Luxembourg is still in the process of becoming more “vegan friendly,” having an easy, go-to breakfast recipe is a blessing – this recipe is perfect for anyone looking to start being vegan as well!

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