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Give Me S’more!

This week Jo ended up making delicious s’mores cake in a jar from the lovely @howsweeteats. When we saw pictures of the final product we were thunderstruck and had to try making a plant based version! We ended up using many vegan substitutes in this one – soya based butter, almond milk, soya cream, and finally Bob’s Red Mill egg replacer (a favorite for any egg replacements).

main 2

This came out amazing – we hoped the marshmallows would melt a little bit more but this result was still delicious. Jo had to use the last of her Dandies Marshmallow stash from a recent trip to the States, as they don’t really exist in Luxembourg (here’s hoping!). Again, another issue was the lack of mason jars in stores here, so we had to make do with one, and the rest were made in a glass cake dish – gotta see those beautiful layers somehow!

As with most of the recent recipes, the flavors here are very reminiscent of summer times at the beach, making s’mores over a campfire. The cake was rich and flavorful, which went perfectly with the sweet lightness of the melted marshmallows. We stuffed our faces with these over a tall glass of ice cold almond milk.


Hoping to get into some more complex recipes as we arrive to summer holiday – can’t wait for y’all to see what comes next! Hope the weekend was good to you 🙂

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