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Berry Delicious!

Another week, another berry style recipe! I just can’t get enough of these delicious fruits – this week we made blueberry lemon cake. The recipe is courtesy of @Iambaker, the one and only. The two layers were separated by sweet icing and tangy blueberries, which was an amazing mix of flavors on these hot days. It washed down perfectly with a tall glass of ice cold lemonade.


One of the amazing (and quick) things about this recipe is it’s one of the rare that we make from a box mix – and the standard US ones turn out to be vegan! No need to worry about tricky egg substitutes or quantities – just mix it with a can of soda and you have a delicious cake (and no one needs to know you didn’t whip this up from scratch 😉 ).


This recipe was also PACKED with summer flavors! From the citrusy tang to the sweet icing and fluffy cake, this was definitely one of my favorite recipes so far. Being able to throw in fresh ingredients is always a plus to me, and I really think it enhances the flavors.

insta 2

All in all a quick, amazing recipe, perfect for laid-back baking on a lazy weekend. Hope y’all enjoyed!

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