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Lemony Thumbs

This week Joanna made Lemon Thumbprint cookies, from a recipe by the lovely Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Just like last week, it came straight from her new cookbook, The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook. She’s really digging it right now, there are so many new recipes to choose from. Anyway, these cookies came out really delicious and lemony, so if your palette is eager for zesty flavors, you’ll love these.


Just imagine: lemon shortbread cookies with a beautiful, shiny lemon drop filling. When we finished these they looked like jewelry! The shine on that lemon drop is so beautiful. The filling is somewhat tart, which is the perfect contrast to how sweet the shortbread is. Biting into these is a mix of gooey and crunchy – DECADENT!


Overall, these were really easy to make too! They were such a great snack for summer, super light and refreshing with tea, warm or iced. Once they’d cooled from the oven they were gone in a heartbeat, no leftovers with this recipe!


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