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You’re in Truffle!

Joanna here! Yes I am posting directly for once (but maybe not for the last time). This week I played it a little safe with a recipe I’ve made before, but in a baking context I’m not very familiar with. Or rather, a non-baking context, as these little nuggets of sweetness are raw. The beauty of vegan baking is that I don’t need to worry about salmonella or other animal-contracted risks because there are no animal products on in my treats. Guilt-free on so many fronts.


I want to include a huge shout-out to Vesela, a fellow Luxembourg-based blogger over at Plateful Nutrition, for this raw cacao-date truffle recipe. If you’re ever interested in a mostly plant-based diet but not interested in going full vegan/vegetarian, or just not looking to be restrictive, then I heartily recommend her. Everything I’ve made off her blog is delicious.


Now, these truffles are perfect for summer, especially if you’re like me and feeling guilty about not having that “beach body” yet because changing your snacking habits is HARD especially when you’re just dying for some ooey-gooey chocolate or s’mores or something. Uh oh, now I’m thinking about s’mores and melty chocolate. These truffles may not be quite those flavors, but they ARE chocolatey, packed with whole foods and natural sweeteners. We’re talking caramel-y Medjool dates and blackstrap molasses.


Also, make sure you use raw cacao powder and not cocoa powder. It may look like a typo, but I promise you it isn’t. Raw cacao powder is just that: cacao bean pulverized into a powder. Nothing more. Powdered cocoa however, goes through some degree of processing to make it less bitter (have you ever tasted cacao nibs or a cacao bean? NOTHING like the squares of chocolate you buy, even the dark stuff. Unless you’re buying the 99% dark, in which case, I bow to you in respect). Raw cacao also conserves all of the benefits of the bean, which truly makes it healthy.

Oh and did I mention? These are incredibly quick to make. We’re talking, 15 minutes plus chill time. Once you make these, you’ll wonder why you ever used to reach for the processed stuff.

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