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You (pe)can do it!

This week Jo is away, so I took over with a friend. We baked these delicious vegan pecan pie shortbread cookies from @emotionalbaker – no eggs means no egg substitutes, just coconut milk to replace cow’s milk in the traditional recipe. The recipe calls for maple syrup in the caramel – we were lucky enough to have genuine maple syrup from Montreal, which definitely enhanced the flavors in the caramel.

These were a blast to make, mostly because the recipe is in two parts. First was the shortbread, which came out amazing and sweet – we were a little worried during the baking process and ended up leaving the shortbread bases in the oven a little bit extra, to make sure they came out crumbly and delicious.


Next was the caramel, which was straightforward and had to simmer for about half an hour – perfect for a glass of wine and an episode of The Office. The final assembly was fun, but we were eager for these to cool so we put them in the fridge – eager to taste them as they came out.


These were DELICIOUS. The flavors are reminiscent of autumn, especially with the toasted pecans and maple. They came out pretty sweet and 100% animal friendly. Make sure you follow our Instagram and Facebook page! There’s links in the sidebar J Happy Humpday!

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