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Leave No Scone Unturned

Calling all fruit lovers! This week we made banana-berry scones from the lovely @isachandra! They came out soft, fluffy, and delicious – perfect for a quick snack or breakfast as they’re best right out of the oven! The tart raspberry contrasted really well with the sweetness of the banana and batter, making for a delicious yet tasty treat.


As summer comes to a close, so do the summer recipes – this is one of the last fruity, light and sweet treats Jo is making before transitioning to more earthier and rich desserts to bring on autumn and winter. We enjoyed the scones while soaking up the sun with a cup of green tea!


Just like a few of our other recipes, these scones have been somewhat Americanized – that means no jam nor clotted cream necessary (to be fair, we wouldn’t even know when to start making vegan clotted cream! Our secret J). These are quick and easy, and a welcome change to regular breakfast meals. Hope you enjoy!


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