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Macaron Madness

This week Joanna made amazing vanilla macarons. The idea came kind of last minute (which is not ideal for how long these take), so our commitment to the recipe from Crazy Vegan Kitchen is somewhat iffy. The recipe calls for raspberries and rose extract but we just ended up going with plain vanilla almond flavors, which (luckily!) turned out delicious!


BE WARNED – these take about four hours total to make, and one little error can cause the whole recipe to fall flat (thanks for the vote of confidence Masterchef). Added to that is the need to refrigerate the reduced aquafaba overnight for it to achieve the correct consistency – yep, definitely time consuming.


However, through trials and tribulations, we ended up with beautiful, delicious macarons that were the right consistency! So exciting! Also super thankful to @crazyvegankitchen for the secret tips to making a perfect vegan macaron. For example, spraying a mist of water over your macarons when chilling them overnight causes them to soften, as vegan macarons usually come out a little harder than egg white based ones.

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