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Rose Tinted

This week we made a rose basket cake, inspired by @iambaker! The cake is for a double birthday celebration in the upcoming week. The base cake is a decadent chocolate cake, recipe by @chefchloe (Chloe Coscarelli – from her book Chloe’s Vegan Desserts. Making the cake took a lot of time and attention to… Continue reading Rose Tinted

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Turn that frown upside down!

  This week, Joanna made upside down pineapple cake! The recipe is by the wonderful Isa Chandra Moskowitz – and is a little different than your traditional upside down pineapple cake. In the classic American version, you use yellow cake, but this recipe makes the cake come out a little bit darker, and enhances the… Continue reading Turn that frown upside down!

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If you liked it then you should have put a meringue on it

This lemon meringue pie recipe is 100% vegan – even including the meringue. Aquafaba is an awesome egg substitute for this type of baking (for those late to the party, aquafaba is made from the liquid in a jar of beans; chickpeas are favored since they are the most neutral in taste and color, but… Continue reading If you liked it then you should have put a meringue on it

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Zucchini Treats?!

You read right – this week’s delicious creation is a chocolate zucchini cake! Zucchini baked into cake almost tastes like banana bread – a moist yet light, velvety texture, which is exactly how this came out. The flavor is the perfect balance between sweet and fresh; the sugar isn’t overpowering. The chocolate icing is made… Continue reading Zucchini Treats?!